An increased positive state of well being!



William K. Brinson

Taylor Stephens Advisors

Dallas, Texas

I met Emi Cechin two years ago through my wife Paula who was seeing Emi twice monthly for massage. I too started seeing Emi and after several months of bi weekly massage I have come to relax and feel the relief from the stress that comes from managing a hundred million dollar portfolio of stocks and bonds. My ongoing massage routine with Emi has allowed me to relax and relieve myself from the daily pressures of the business world. 

I would encourage anyone at any age to visit with Emi and discuss her ideas and information from relieving stress and promoting well being through massage. 

Rachel Benuska 

Emiko has been my massage therapist for over 7 years now and she is absolutely amazing! Always a professional, she has a uncanny way of knowing exactly where my stress is as well as how much pressure to apply. I always feel refreshed and relaxed after each session. I highly recommend a session with her I wouldn't dream of going to anybody else!


Chris O'Steen

I've been getting massages from Emi for about 3 years now, on average about twice a month and believe in the healing power whole heartedly! Emi has customized my sessions with her combining stress relieving Swedish techniques and deep tissue sports massages. I am a firefighter, weightlifter, married, and have two kids so at times the stress in my life seems overwhelming but I find that regular massages have helped tremendously and bring me balance. I recommend Emi's services because she is professional, skilled, reasonably priced and honestly cares about what she does. 


E. Kory Stafford 

AMUSA Commercial Capital- President

Frisco, Texas

Emiko Cechin has been my massage therapist for over 7 years as part of my overall health and wellness program. I have lost over 97 pounds during that time and due to regular massages from Emiko I have never felt better. Emi is a true professional that treats the whole person with the goal of making one's life better. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone considering a one time or regular massage program. I know they will be taken care of with the highest standards.