Sinus pressure

Chronic pain

Low back issues

Shoulder and neck stiffness

Everyday stress

The lOGO

Vip Packages

Vip packages are available for your needs.

staying on a consistent massage schedule creates a less stressful , pain free, rejuvinated and balanced way of living.

This is a great goal for that healthyliving lifestyle change.

Things to Know

By appointment only.

I help people of all ages, if you are under the age of 18 you must have parent consent.

Drapping is required. 

Gift certificates are available and are valid for one-year after purchase.

Customized Theraputic Massage

The meaning behind the logo came to me after a meditation experience in my backyard. The half opened circle is called the Enso symbol .Japanese word for circle or circular form. The Circle of enlightment. It was a huge challenge for me personally to be in a  zen state of mind, but once you reach it you see that there are no limits.

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I grew up in California but have been a Texas resident for twenty one years. I attended the Institute of Bodywork Studies and graduated in 2001. I recieved my massage license in 2002. While in School, I was Impressed on how our bodies work from the inside out, and I knew I had chosen the right career path. I have worked in spas, medical spas, chiropractic offices and for corporations, such as, Fidelity Investments.

Personally, I like to educate the importance of a healthy lifestyle through massage therapy, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The benefits of muscle work is an overall positive experience, and is most beneficial as a preventative. I help people in all states of pain. 

The overall goal with customized massages is reducing stress, better circulation, promote fresh oxygen into the blood stream and nerves and create better flexibility.

My 15 years experience has given me the pleasure in making a difference in peoples lives. It's my passion and what I look forward to everyday. 

Emiko Cechin LMT